Mrs. Wenzel

The female Social Studies teacher at Roosevelt High School. The "den mother" type.

  • Body She’s very nice looking for an older woman.
    • Gen. Athletics: She coaches the cheerleading team.
    • Struggle: Older students sometimes bring up “When Mrs. Wenzel was knocked out by the blind guy” but you’ve never taken the time to ask.
  • Speed Age equals stiff joints equals not a lot of energy.
    • Dodge: In every accident during practice, Wenzel has been injured as well.
    • Driving: She drives well.. while talking on her cell phone and smoking.
    • Initiative: She won the relay race last year.. kind of because the other teacher fell down, but still.
  • Mind She’s still clever, but getting a little more and more airheaded as time goes on.
    • Gen. Education: You know she’s graduated college.
    • Notice: She tries to think she catches everyone who uses a cell phone in her room.
    • Conceal: .. but they usually do it while she’s pretending not to use hers.
    • Teaching: She’s a great lady, but sometimes she is just a very poor teacher.
  • Soul At least, she’s empathetic.
    • Charm: She learned how to make men do what she wants them to when she was 16, and has been refining the art since.
    • Lying: Wenzel has also learned how to keep a straight face even when everything is going wrong.

Mrs. Carol Wenzel is an aging teacher who still retains her youthful beauty thanks in part to a large number of different ointments and creams she claim to work. More or less, she’s the cheer leader den mother and the woman all of the blonde, well-dressed girls talk to when they need relationship advice.. but her classes are garbage.

She’s married to one of the vice presidents of the steel yards in Ash Creek, and has two children.

Mrs. Wenzel

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