Mr. Kwasi

An African-American English teacher for Roosevelt High School.

  • Body He looks fit, for a fifty-something guy.
    • Gen. Athletics: You know he used to be the track coach until his car accident.
    • Struggle: Mr. Kwasi says that he is a pacifist.
  • Speed Kwasi looks like he could run a mile if it weren’t for his cane.
    • Dodge: He managed to dodge a falling bookshelf in the middle of his presentation.
    • Driving: Kwasi says he “dislikes driving” now, but has to thanks to his injury.
    • Initiative: .. He managed to dodge a falling bookshelf! And he’s crippled!
  • Mind He is a very intelligent person.
    • Gen. Education: He’s a Kenyan immigrant who got his master’s degree. It takes a little bit of hard work to achieve this with no money.
    • Notice: He’s sharp like a tack.
    • Conceal: .. But when he put out the grade sheet where everyone’s school number was prefixed by the first letter of their last name in a class with 26 students and only three repeating letters, you were certain something was dulling.
    • Teaching: His classes are something to be excited about.
  • Soul He’s relatable, if a bit on the professional side.
    • Charm: He manages to make you feel like doing school work.
    • Lying: .. even if your grades aren’t salvageable at all.

Mr. Sefu Kwasi is a Kenyan immigrant who spent five years working a minimum wage job to qualify for community college to get a grant to get a scholarship to go to an ivy league school to discover that he hated “the elite,” but had made something of himself in the meantime. He lives in Ash Creek with his wife and two sons to teach English.

Six years ago, Kwasi was in a very terrible car accident that he barely survived. He lost the full use of his right leg afterwards, but now carries around a cane to compensate for his disability—something his students have learned to fear, as he uses it to wake people up who are dozing in his class.

Mr. Kwasi

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