Righteous Youth

A rastafarian radio jockey who prophecizes the "end times" and warns people to "fight to good fight."

  • Body He’s a little scrawny.
    • Gen. Athletics: .. But you’re sure he could hop a chain link fence if he needed to.
    • Struggle: .. though he might not be much in a fight.
  • Speed What he lacks in bulk he makes up in quickness.
    • Dodge: .. you probably couldn’t hit him if he was tied up.
    • Initiative: .. and he looks like he’s always ready to run.
  • Mind He’s not too smart.
    • Gen. Education: .. he may have not finished high school.
    • Notice: .. but his eyes are sharp.
    • Conceal: .. where did he get that cigarette? And when did he light it?
  • Soul What he says resonates with you.
    • Charm: .. It’s why you tune in every night.
    • Lying: .. it’s why he makes the bullshit sound good.

Righteous Youth is a radio jockey for WLVB 93.3 FM, the only radio station in town. Late at night, around 11:00pm he starts his radio show, “Fighting the Good Fight” that broadcasts “The Things They Don’t Want You to Know™”. This mostly includes sightings of ghosts or other paranormal occurances, and updates on where to go for the most “spiritual attunement.”

Righteous Youth is a 26-year-old rastafarian from the Baltimore, MA area. He moved away from the city for unknown reasons to settle in the Ash Creek area. Hearsay has him running away from a number of drug deals gone wrong just before the police finally discovered his marijuana garden in the basement of a derelict apartment building.

Righteous Youth

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