Aylin Sellick

Aylin, and her twinTyson, have black hair, golden brown eyes and go to a private school with yellow and black outfits.


7 friends 3 pcs 4 npcs poor family 3 siblings male 15 male 6 female 12

came here to get away from city life has been here for 7 months

financial trouble mother died body soul soul speed soul

resistant to pain +5 charms people +5

bullied, +5 lying private school +5 gen ed singing +15 taunting +15

get in fights +5 struggle go to detention -5 gen ed

body +3 speed +13 mind -5 soul +9

struggle +5 0 gen ed singing +15 taunting +15 +5 charm

+5 XP


Aylin has excellent relations with her brother and enjoys being with him. Tyson does as well. Both gold/brown eyes, light tan, black hair. Private school uniform for Middle School was yellow and black.

Aylin always was in detention, being bullied, and her family from when she was little was poor. Despite the already bad luck, her mom died when she was a young age. Aylin loves to taunt and sing, because she is excellent at it. that results into her doing both at the same time.

She has 7 friends and she can be a little rude. Get close to her and good for you =)

Aylin means Moon Halo in Turkish! -

Aylin Sellick

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