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  • Mr. Edwards

    Mr. John Edwards is the Mathematics department's only real saving grace. A teacher who really cares about his students and hopes to get them out of the dead-end town that is Ash Creek, he helps his students excel by being an excessively hard-working …

  • Ms. Stone

    Brian Stone's oldest sister. She's very pretty, and seems to enjoy teaching Psychology and English classes at Roosevelt High School.. at least, more than the teacher she replaced.

  • Mrs. Wenzel

    Mrs. Carol Wenzel is an aging teacher who still retains her youthful beauty thanks in part to a large number of different ointments and creams she claim to work. More or less, she's the cheer leader den mother and the woman all of the blonde, well-dressed …

  • Mr. Kwasi

    Mr. Sefu Kwasi is a Kenyan immigrant who spent five years working a minimum wage job to qualify for community college to get a grant to get a scholarship to go to an ivy league school to discover that he hated "the elite," but had made something of …