The Chariot

Aylin Sellick is represented by this Arcana.

The Chariot represents forward momentum or progress. No matter the situation, The Chariot is able to overcome it with enough determination, push past every obstacle to conquer the opposing army. At worst, the Chariot represents ignorance or carelessness. At best, it’s a liberating force, a feeling described by professional runners as the “runner’s high” that lifts you towards new and more powerful goals.

The Chariot is related to The Tower through its cross sum.

Minor: Complete an action that would evoke respect. This can be anything mundane, from telling a schoolyard bully picking on someone to stop it, or to coming in first in a race. If you can do something and have someone think better of you for it, you gain a minor charge.

Significant: Complete an action that is dangerous that will evoke respect. Volunteering to distract the enemy, shattering a car window to help a sweltering child inside, or intervening in a robbery; As long as you can pull it off, you can gain your significant charge.

Major: Do something almost completely impossible. Save a person’s life against all odds at the last second, break a world record or throw the game-winning basket in the fourth quarter, at the last second, from across the court. 0.000001% does not mean impossible is your mantra.

Taboo: Your determination and spirit for progress sometimes get in the way with your bravado. If you do anything just to show off to other people, you violate your taboo. You’re a hero, and you may not be humble, but that doesn’t mean you can flex after the ordeal or show off. Unless you’re doing something for yourself, for others, out of necessity or simply for the rush, you’re not really embodying the power of your Arcana.

The Chariot

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