The Dark Hour

Didn’t it feel like you were in a different time…?

The Dark Hour is the period of time between 12:00am and 12:01am, every single night of every single day. This hour is when the Shadows have free reign over the world.

During the Dark Hour, the entire world is covered by a thick, reddish fog. In addition to this, certain areas of the world are changed by the fog to reflect the Shadows will. These areas are very dangerous.

During this period of time, every person who is concious is transmogrified into a obsidian-steel mannequin. However, there are some people who stay concious during this time period for unknown reasons. In addition to these strange anomalies, any Persona user who is not in a state of reduced conciousness (aka, asleep, unconcious, heavily inebriated) will enter the Dark Hour.

  • In the Dark Hour:
    • No electronics work.
    • All people without a Persona turn into a mannequin. They can still be killed in this form.
    • Any wounds gained during the Dark Hour or fatigue experienced will disappear when leaving the Dark Hour. One leaves the Dark Hour the same way they entered it.
    • If a person dies in the Dark Hour, they die outside of the Dark Hour.

The Dark Hour

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