The Emperor

This is the Persona used by Brian Gerald Stone.

The Emperor represents Power through Power. The will to power and the ability to lead come naturally to The Emperor, but this power is at the cost of stagnation or, worse, corruption.

The Emperor’s sum numerate is Death.

Minor: Give someone an order that is followed. This can be anything mundane, from “Let’s split up, gang” to “Hold this for me.” If you phrase this order in the form of a question, you do not gain a charge—a true king never asks, he commands.

Significant: Give someone a dangerous order that is followed. This can be anything from telling someone to sneak across the junkyard and past the dogs to open the gate, to back you up in a fist fight or to run ammunition across a minefield. As long as the person being commanded follows your order (a minor charge) and completes the order (the significant charge) do you gain the charges.

Major: Give many people a command that goes against the person’s nature, but is followed. This can be anything from telling many people to give you all of their money, to ordering a group of soldiers pinned down by heavy artillery to cease fire, to ordering another person to kill a helpless opponent. If your command can make a person go against their fundamental nature, you can gain a major charge.

Taboo: If the person you command suffers due to your command (ie, the person helping you in the fist fight is throttled worse than you, or the man running ammunition steps on a mine), you suffer your taboo. If their suffering is part of your plan, you do not suffer your taboo if their suffering is a result of the whim of fate: in example, a coach telling a runner to steal 3rd would not suffer his taboo if the runner fell and broke his collar bone. However, if the runner was caught, he would not give a significant charge. If the 3rd baseman intentionally injured the runner, and the coach knew the 3rd baseman was violent beforehand, the coach would violate his taboo. ~ If you can force someone to go against their nature, it must be for their own benefit, and not for their detriment. Just because you are the emperor does not mean you are a tyrant.

The Emperor

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