The Empress

The Empress is the Persona of Brandy’s Character.

The Empress represents Power through Love. By being a rightful leader and coercing others with her natural charm, the Empress commands others from behind the throne of the Emperor. At her best, the Empress represents a loved matriarch. At her worst, the Empress represents an vengeful mother.

Minor: Coerce another person into an action. This can be anything from haggling down a street vendor to convincing someone to drive you to work. If the person is for this action, you do not gain this charge. Only if the person actually needs coercing, either through emotional manipulation or a verbal convincing do you gain this charge.

Significant: Coerce another person into an action they truly do not want to do. This can be anything from giving you something expensive for free, to giving up a bad habit, to making them leave their job to help you break into a warehouse. Generally, if you can convince someone to go along with something they think is a “bad idea”, you can yield a significant charge.

Major: Coerce a large amount of people into taking an action. This can be anything from starring on a very enticing infomercial to inciting a riot after a football game. As long as you can convince more than one hundred people to do something because you told them to, you can gain a major charge.

Taboo: Coerce someone through a usage of threats or force. This includes telling someone to do something “or else” or simply raising a hand in anger in order to intimidate someone into action.

The Empress

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