The Hermit

The Hermit is the Arcana of Phil’s Character.

The Hermit represents the isolation of man, seeking either moral neutrality or nirvana. A spiritual journey evoked by his eternal question, the Hermit seperates himself from others in order to learn more about himself and the world.

The Hermit’s cross sum is The Moon.

The Hermit gains charges by doing things others have not, and as such, the Hermit may have a specific “secret place” where he may gather charges from. Since everything can only be done once, the Hermit may retreat to this place in order to soak up the charges hidden within. It takes one hour of concentration on your unvisited place to soak up the charges held within it.

Minor: Go somewhere that is rarely frequented by people, or do something not many people do. Listen to a record that hasn’t been listened to in years, watch an unpopular television show, visit an abandoned home or building. If less than one-hundred people have done the same thing in the last thirty days, you can gain a minor charge from this action.

Every day, your unvisited place garners two minor charges to be soaked up.

Significant: Go somewhere that is hardly ever visited by people, or do something almost no one does. Watch a silent movie from 1920, check out a book in the library that never gets checked out, or take a walk through a dried aqueduct or ventilation shaft. If nobody has watched the same movie or read the same book, visited the same place or location as you in the last year, you yield one significant charge from it.

Every week and a half, your unvisited place garners one significant charge to be soaked up.

Major: Do something that nobody has ever done before, very little people have ever done, or something that someone is famous for. Walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong, publically get away with murder like O.J. Simpson, fire a gun at the President, break a world record or open the packaging on a collector’s toy from 1909. The meaning behind your action counts more than the actual action; you can say that you can gain a major charge every time you kill a person because “they’ve never been killed before by anyone,” but people have been killing each other since before the dawn of time.

Every year, your unvisited place gathers one major charge to be soaked up.

Taboo: If anyone visits your unvisited place, you lose all charges you have accumulated, as well as all of the charges your place has gathered. If you find another isolated location, you may spend 24 hours to make it your unvisited place. This does not stop the gathering of charges on a general timeframe—if your place is found once every week for one year, you’ll still gather a major charge at your place after one year, but that’s only if you can soak it up before your place is found again.

The Hermit

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