The Hierophant

The Arcana represented by Adam’s Character.

The Hierophant represents Power through Personality. Through his divinity, the Hierophant controls the people who are underneath him. Like The Emperor, the Hierophant is at worst corrupted, tyrannical or selfish. On the other side, the greatest leader is the one with a strong personality, and the Hierophant has this in spades.

The Hierophant is related to Temperance through his cross sum.

The Hierophant has a special place where he collects his “clergy” to meet. This can be anywhere from a corner store convenience store, or a school club to a literal, actual church. This place must either feature them or their personality must be a major attraction of the location. In example, an actor who frequently starred in plays at a certain theatre could make that location “his place”, a store that people patron because of him would be “his place” or a club where he is the president would be “his place.”

Any time the Hierophant wishes to gain charges, he must be at his chosen place and spend an hour concentrating on the location. This can be anything from simply being in the place to actually doing maintenance, participating in activities, etcetera, as long as the general focus of the activity is on the location or the meaning of the location. When he does this, he can harvest all of the charges his location has accumulated over the time spent since his last harvesting.

Minor: Twenty people visit your location. For every twenty people who visit your location in one day, you gain a minor charge, up to a maximum of 5.

Significant: Your location is recognized locally. This can be anything from running a television ad to erecting a billboard. However, the method only works once every thirty days: putting up ten billboards gives you the same bonus as a single billboard, but it still yields minor charges as each person who reads the sign may visit the location as they drive by.

Major: Your location is recognized on a large scale. This can be anything from getting a review in the New York Times, having an ad run during the Superbowl to having your company logo stenciled out on the surface of the moon. Each time a very large amount of people notice your location, you gain a major charge. On the flip side, this advertisement also will garner you exactly twenty minor charges as well, but then no more, as your “fifteen minutes of fame” burn out.

The Hierophant has no taboo, but must maintain their special place. If the Hierophant’s special place is ever violated, destroyed or not visited for one month, the location stops being “his place” and he loses all of the charges his place has accumulated as well as all of the charges he has accumulated. The Hierophant may spend 24 hours in a new place that features himself to prepare that location to be harvested for charges.

The Hierophant

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