The High Priestess

This is the Persona used by Raylene Cameron

The High Priestess represents Power through Information. By weaving an intricate web of contacts and secrets, the High Priestess controls the people she lords over.

The High Priestess is connected to Justice through its cross sum.

Minor: Use information gained from another person to complete a goal. This information must not be something that you knew beforehand; the information given must be completely unknown by you. This includes anything from asking for directions or asking the price of an airplane ticket.

Significant: Use dangerous information gained from another person to complete a goal. If you and the person you are gaining information from are not placed in peril as a result of this information trading, it does not count. An example would be sharing secrets about how to gain access to a military base or simply having someone let you cheat off of them during an exam.

Major: Use deadly information gained from another person to complete a goal. To gain a major charge, either you or the person you gained information from must be put in mortal danger as a result of your information trading. If someone either is critically wounded, dies or loses a very significant amount of money by sharing information with you, you gain a major charge. If you ask a person where the restroom is and they are accidentally shot in robbery while you’re in there, it does not count.

Taboo: Gaining information from someone and not completing your goal. If you lose your child in a store, and ask others if they saw you, learn that they saw you in a certain location and give up searching, you violate your taboo. However, if you ask someone for the same information to find your lost child and someone else finds the child, you do not violate your taboo.

The High Priestess

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