The Lovers

The Lovers is the Arcana represented by Dave’s Character.

The Lovers is connected to the Devil through its cross sum.

The Lovers represents life-long dedication. Life-long platonic friends are Lovers under the definition of this card. The Lovers, at their best, show dedication and true concern for their partner. At their worst, they are lustful and careless.

Minor: Do something helpful for a friend. Give someone a hand with a project, help them on their math homework or set off the flare for the mortar strike, anything that helps someone else that you consider a friend gains you a minor charge.

Significant: Do something helpful for a friend at a significant cost of your own time or money with no benefit to yourself. Hire a tow truck to tow a friend’s car and cover the expenses, spend six hours writing a report for your friend to turn in. You can’t benefit from this show of good friendship, though. The only benefit is gaining favor with the person you’re helping.

Major: Do something helpful for a friend at a significant cost of your own life. Take a bullet for a friend, push them out of the way of a speeding car, pull someone from a fire. As long as they’re spared and you take the brunt of your decision and the violence, you gain a major charge. If the violence isn’t immediately life threatening, you only gain a significant charge (aka, if you jump in front of a bullet and it’s just a paintball)

Taboo: Be a bad friend. Your card represents platonic and romantic love, and it’s neither to let your friend bear your own burdens. Blame someone else for your own problems, let someone else do something for you that they don’t want to do, as long as they feel burdened and the bonds of your friendship are stretched, you violate your taboo.

The Lovers

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