The Magician

The Magician represents Kaleb’s Character’s Persona.

The Magician represents Power through Knowledge. His intellect is his greatest asset, but at the same time, it is what alienates him with his egotistic feelings of superiority. At best, the Magician represents a pure intellectual. At worst, the Magician represents an egomaniacal scholar.

Minor: Learn and memorize something interesting that you did not know. This can be anything common, from how old Abraham Lincoln is to the political reasons behind the Vietnam War, to anything important, like how to fuel a car or tie your shoes. The only catch is that this information must not be important to you right now. Learning how to hotwire a car in the field does not yield a charge, but learning how to hotwire a car in preparation for your grand theft does. An example of trivia would be the first 50 digits of Pi, the agricultural habits of the Anasazi Indians, or how many times Brad Pitt says “fight” in the movie Fight Club.

Significant: Apply your knowledge to do something especially useful that others cannot do. Through the earlier example, if you were to learn how to hotwire a car, and hotwired a car in the presence of many people who depend on your knowledge, you would gain a significant charge. If you did it again in the presence of new people who all equally depended on you, you would gain a second significant charge. Thanks to this method of generating charges, a rare type of surgeon may be a wise decision for a career path.

Major: Learn a powerful piece of information. Something that more than three people would die to protect, or more than three people would kill you to silence. This could include discovering that the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was fake to discovering that a conservative political figure is cheating on his wife with another man.

Taboo: If you’re asked a question that you do not have an answer to, you violate your taboo. Even an unskilled magician can conjure an intellectual lie or any excuse to cover their lack of knowledge.

The Magician

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