The Persona

Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of your soul…

The persona is a manifestation of your subconcious self, granted power beyond mortal understanding. Commonly floating one to two feet behind you on the right side of your body, your persona gives you the mental strength to withstand the Dark Hour without losing your memories, and the ability to fight shadows without fragmenting your psyche. In addition, many of the Personae have unique and powerful abilities that are only limited by the users’ imagination.

During the Dark Hour, the Persona of every individual who has the ability to summon a Persona is evoked out of their body, and is visible to anyone inside of the Dark Hour, including people without the power to use a Persona. Outside of the Dark Hour, the Persona itself is only visible when its user activates their persona’s ability, making it visible to anyone in the area who has a Persona. For some Persona, however, this is impossible.

The Persona can also be referred to with the name Stand, as a shortened way of saying that “your persona always stands by you.”

All Personae are connected to the heart and soul of their user, and therefore their names are derived from the soul of their user. For some strange reason, these names always manifest as song, album or band names, such as Jailhouse Rock, Stone Free, Purple Rain, or Foo Fighters.

Much is unknown about the persona. Why does it exist? Why does it manifest only in certain individuals? What is its purpose?


  • Persona of the Arcana
    • A Persona of the Arcana is connected to one of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, for better and for worse. It has a much higher potential strength in its ability, but, however, is much harder to control. A Persona of the Arcana is powered by “charges” gained by performing certain actions connected to the Arcana. There are three kinds of charges: minor, significant and major. Each one of these charges can be used to power your Persona. A minor charge enables a Persona to use one of its minor abilities—such as creating a flame. A significant charge enables a Persona to use a more powerful ability—such as creating a rolling fireball, or directing the course of a flash fire. A major charge enables the Persona to do almost miracle-esque actions, such as burning an entire city block to ashes in just a minute, or creating an enormous pillar of flame.
  • Persona Outside of the Arcana
    • A Persona outside of the Arcana is not connected to one of the Major Arcana, and therefore does not have the potential to gain a major charge. However, it does still have the same combat potential and ability as a normal Persona.

In game terms, each Persona is treated as its own unique brand of Unknown Armies magic. Each use of the Persona’s abilities uses a charge; depending on the breadth and scope of the power, it may require several minor charges, a significant charge, or a major charge.

These charges are gained by playing your character in favor of your Persona by acting under the influence of your Arcana—playing against your Arcana may lose you charges as your persona experiences a “disconnect” with your personality.

Each persona has a unique ability (ie, making fire) whose definition can be stretched to encompass many uses. After using a certain usage of the overaching ability (ie, shooting fire balls) several times, it will become a familiarized spell, which means that the power will be named, written down, and most importantly, given a reduced charge cost.

The Persona

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