Welcome to the Dark Hour.

You’ve lived your entire life in Ash Creek, a small town in the northeastern United States, tucked away from urban living and skyscraper skylines. Fourteen years ago, the power plant built on Thresher’s Hedge Hill above the town was subject to an unrepeatable electrical phenomenon that was broadcast world-wide.

Even though you were just an infant, you regret missing the only thing the town could ever be remembered for, and the only thing any out-of-towners visit for. As you’ve heard, one night in the chill air of 1995, the sky over the hill tripped the light fantastic like a shimmering rainbow, magnetizing compasses, re-polarizing batteries and completely eating up every piece of electronics in the town. It was labeled a “phenomenon”, an “act of God” or “true proof of alien life.” For weeks, people waited to see it again, but it never happened. The plant became derelict, the workers were laid off and the grounds closed forever.

Nobody has been there since. Except for bored teenagers looking for a quick thrill or a place to toke up, or the ever-present ghost-hunting, urban-legend seeking television moguls, whose flood lights run till dawn in the abandoned ruins of the power plant on the hill, whose camera crews clog up the only McDonalds in town, the litter from their all-night special recordings quickly filling up the forest around the town. They just won’t stop asking people about it.

You go to Roosevelt High School just like all of your other friends, just like all of your other classmates. It’s a small town, but the definition of small keeps broadening as the world gets smaller. The three-thousand-five-hundred people keeping your town running fill the high school halls to the brim with empty-headed rural cowboys, disenchanted city children and confused suburban fashionistas. The town just recently had its first mall built, and its parking lot is empty but the mall itself is full for all of the pre-teens who almost live inside of it. A franchised movie theatre is being put up on the outside of the town, and you’re certain every time you pass the ancient two-screen cinema on Main Street that its going to have plywood boards in the windows the next time you ride by. An old lot that used to have a single, simple old house in the middle of it is now a dirt field with a fence around it, a sign displaying “Wal-Mart Coming Soon!” stuck in the dirt.

This is Ash Creek. As far as you can remember, nothing has ever happened here.

Until now.


In this game, all of the heroes are going to be high-school students between the ages of 14 and 17.

As far as crunch goes, here is what I’m offering:

  • Written character exposition (description, where you are from…) 50 words or more: 5xp
  • Names, personality archetypes for your entire family: 3xp
  • Stat-block written up on the site: 2xp

That’s 10% more success rate for you at the start of the campaign. Note that each stat can only go up 2% per “leveling phase” and each skill can only go up 3% per “leveling phase” and the same rules apply to this bonus experience.

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